Open innovation

At E&D e understand that in today’s interconnected world, tapping into the collective wisdom of external partners, customers, and the broader innovation ecosystem is crucial for staying competitive. Open innovation brings unique opportunities for developing complex solutions and engaging in innovation despite resource limitations, especially to small and medium size organisations.

Our Open Innovation Support Services are designed to help organizations leverage external knowledge, ideas, and collaboration to drive innovation and achieve breakthrough results. Our team will help you understand the potential of open innovation, find efficient way to use it to reach your strategic objectives and will help you develop proper knowledge and tools for successfully implementing open innovation approach in your organisation.


E&D Knowledge Consulting can support you with:


  • Open Innovation Strategy: We work closely with your organization to develop a tailored open innovation strategy aligned with your business goals. This includes identifying relevant external partners, platforms, and ecosystems to engage with and setting clear objectives for open innovation initiatives.
  • Open Innovation Culture and Training: We support your organization in developing an open innovation culture by providing training programs and workshops. These sessions educate your teams about the benefits of open innovation, foster collaboration, and equip them with the skills to effectively engage in external collaborations.
  • Partner Identification and Engagement: We assist in identifying and establishing strategic partnerships with external organizations, startups, academia, and research institutions. Our network and industry expertise enable us to connect you with the right partners to enhance your innovation capabilities.


Are you ready to open up your organisation to opportunities coming from external knowledge?