Innovation processes support


Innovation is a process of turning ideas into a value for your customers and stakeholders. This process is critical for turning a concept into a useful solution for the people that your organisation is providing products or services to.

To successfully innovate, you need to establish a proper sequence of steps covering both, discovery, as well as implementation process that need to be defined and managed in the way that reflects characteristics of your organisation, its objectives and mission.

E&D Knowledge Consulting can help support you in designing, implementing and managing processes for innovation responding to the specific characteristics of your organisation, your strategic objectives and vision.

Effective innovation processes will increase the innovativeness and competitiveness of your organisation and will help you to become more responsive to changing market and your general environment.



E&D can support you in the process providing training, consulting and mentoring regarding:


  • Developing proper understanding of innovation and its potential for your organisation
  • Defining proper strategy for innovation that will help you achieve your objectives
  • Developing innovation mechanisms responding to your profile, accounting for potential resource and other barriers
  • Developing your ability to successfully manage and implement innovation processes in your organisation


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