Innovation Competences

All types of organizations must assess their talent pool and skill sets, and invest in adapting existing skills or developing new ones to effectively confront market challenges. Drawing on our expertise in both innovation and skill development, we provide tailored solutions to help our clients gain a competitive edge through a skilled and innovative workforce.

In the rapidly evolving labor market, our experienced consultants continually monitor and identify the key competences needed for success. We anticipate a growing demand for new skills and strive to provide our customers and stakeholders with awareness of the relevance of these skills and their application for the growth of your organization. Additionally, we facilitate access to effective solutions for skill development.

With our Future-Ready Skills Consulting services, your organization can proactively prepare for the future by equipping your talent with the skills they need to thrive in the rapidly evolving global market.





Aware of the challanges E&D aims:


  • to support companies in creating talent pools and developing new skills in existing teams – Innovation and Business Skills, Creativity and Problem Solving, Leadership, Collaboration Skills, Digital Literacy, among others;
  • to provide organisational diagnosis and strategic planning for skills development aiming at boosting innovativeness and competitiveness;
  • to invest in Youth through support to the development of new skills for the future – Creativity, Problem Solving, Entrepreneurship, Innovation Mindset and competences, Digital Literacy and Critical Thinking, among others;
  • at research and development regarding skills development for the future economy;
  • at international cooperation for the development of new methodologies and practices.


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