Company overview

E&D Knowledge Consulting is a Portuguese consulting and professional training company specialised in a support for development of competences needed for fostering innovation in business, public and social sector. E&D main activities are focused on providing managers and entrepreneurs the competences, knowledge and tools needed to successfully implement and execute innovation strategies in their organisations, but also to foster innovation in their environment.

The key areas of E&D specialization include:

  • support to introduction of innovation operations of organisations – from innovation audits through support to defining and implementing innovation strategies, to developing innovation processes and mechanisms adapted to individual needs of organisations.
  • ensuring access to proper skills and competences required for successful innovation, among leaders and managers, as well as employees.

While products of E&D are individually defined based on specific needs of each organisation, the most approached by E&D topics cover:

  • Building proper understanding of innovation among professionals in non- and lowtech sectors (especially in tourism and hospitality, agro-food, industrial and service sectors); developing their ability to implement innovation process and turn their innovation efforts into profit (financial, as well as social),
  • Development and innovation of business models, with a special focus on their application for building resilience to market changes and building innovationoriented strategies for economic sustainability,
  • Support to creative processes and ideation for innovation,
  • Development of innovation mindset among individuals and across organisations,
  • Development of mechanisms and culture for innovation,
  • Development of entrepreneurial and soft skills,
  • Collaboration for innovation (skills, mechanisms and tools for relationship building and open innovation).

Our vision:

  • to drive economic and social development and support creation and growth of market leaders.

In service to customers, our team provides consultations (support for innovation implementation and development of strategies, tools and mechanisms), workshops, training and mentoring in the areas related with innovation and entrepreneurship. The services are developed based on state-of-the-art knowledge and practical experience of our team. To that end, the E&D team integrates specialists from diversified areas relevant for innovation and entrepreneurship support, but with strong competences in delivering professional training and supporting development of individual and organisational competences. Our team is highly competent in performing research and developing new solutions responsive to our customers’ and other stakeholders’ needs.

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