WOMENIN a new initiative to support women entrepreneurship

WOMENIN aims to promote entrepreneurship among women entrepreneurs. As specific objectives the WOMENIN partnership wants to identify the challenges faced by women entrepreneur, promote the global vision of entrepreneurship in Europe. It looks to promote digital entrepreneurship and to facilitate the interconnection of women entrepreneurs through digital means.

The activities to be implemented in the WOMENIN project aim at the creation of a digital training manual that analyses the challenges faced by women entrepreneur and possible solutions to the challenges, the creation of a digital training course targeted at VET trainers where the challenges manual is explained, and finally, the creation of a virtual escape room in which the knowledge of the manual is tested.

The project will deliver three key results:

  • the training manual(handbook), analysing each of the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs,
  • training course for VET trainers,
  • digital escape room based training for women entrepreneurs.

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