Open innovation


The new revolution in the world economy, driven by an amazing evolution in technology, causes that companies and citizens face many challenges regarding the required set of skills and shifts in demand for skills and competences.

Companies need to evaluate their pool of talent and set of skills, and invest in the adjustment of existing skills or development of new skills, in order to face the market challenges.

Furthermore, in a short term, the skills required in the labour market are expected to change drastically. We’ll face demand for a new set of skills for new jobs, and the adjustment of the set of skills in some of todays’ workers that will face extinction of some of todays’ jobs. This means that, in order to prepare for the future, we need to start investing in the skills now!

Aware of the challenges E&D aims:

  • to support companies in creating talent pools and developing new skills in existing teams – Innovation Management, Creativity, Team Building, Open Innovation Management, Digital Literacy;
  • to investment in Youth through the development of new skills for the future – Leadership, Creativity, Empowerment, Activism, Democratic Participation, Entrepreneurship, Digital Literacy;
  • to provide organisational diagnosis and strategic planning for skills development;
  • at research and development on skills development for the future economy;
  • at international cooperation for the development of new methodologies and practices. 

Looking to develop your skills or improve the knowledge base of your organisation?