EKS Online Game for Development of Entrepreneurial Skills - What it is about?

Within the EKS project you will gain access to virtual online game to test and develop entrepreneurial skills in five critical areas of entrepreneurship.

The EKS game is developed to support young adults in developing their entrepreneurial skills. Within the game environment users will have the opportunity to face entrepreneurship challenges aiming to work on five skills:

  • coordinating with others,
  • complex problem solving,
  • critical thinking,
  • creativity,
  • people management.

Development of each skill will be based on game scenarios at 3 different difficulty levels. That will allow the player to get evaluation of his/her skills together with lessons to be learnt from the challenge at 15 different points along the game.

The test version of the game is to be released in 2021.
For more information follow our FB page – https://www.facebook.com/EDKnowledgeConsulting/

And the FB page of the project – https://www.facebook.com/EKS.Project/

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