Virtual Open Innovation System for building capacity of agro-food SMEs to engage in open innovation

Factors such as changing market conditions, digitalisation and the emergence of the Internet of Things, require from SMEs the reinvention of their value proposition to secure their survival which is often threatened by a lack of capability to innovate and compete on the global market. Currently, open innovation (OI) competencies are rare in SMEs and, if present, are usually limited to high-tech sectors.

The VOIS partnership will develop a comprehensive Virtual Open Innovation Environment for SMEs to effectively improve their OI competencies and their ability to implement open innovation in their firms. To this end, the Virtual OI Environment proposes 3 specific areas with opportunities for SMEs to enhance their competencies:

– Area 1 – Organisational Area – to help SMEs managers understand the potential and requirements of SME open innovation strategy.
– Area 2 – Individual Development Area – for development of individual competences relevant in the scope of managing activities related with open innovation,
– Area 3 – Open Innovation Repository – gathering already existing freely available resources regarding open innovation that SME managers can use to develop their SME open innovation competence.

The resulting Integrated Virtual Open Innovation Environment with a methodology and tools for capacitating SME managers is targeted in the first place at support to Agro-Food and Bioeconomy sectors.

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