Sharing the IN_Digit2EU Results with potential users

IN_Digit2EU is a transnational project which resulted in an innovative training platform to support SMEs internationalisation. After 2 years of development and testing with SMEs across 6 countries, the platform will be openly available for all interested – SMEs, adult educators, organisations supporting SMEs and entrepreneurship and other interested stakeholders.

The training proposes innovative approach to internationalisation education offering 5 specifically adapted to SMEs modern needs modules on:

  • business models for internationalisation
  • international marketing
  • international networking
  • e-commerce
  • international open innovation management.


To make sure that the course will be broadly available among the target group and that our local stakeholders will be able to benefit from the development program, E&D organised a range of meetings with representatives of relevant organisations.

Due to the Covid 19 restrictions, 2 separate multiplier events have been organised on the 9th and the 10th of September. However, due to the relevance of the topic for our region and interest of further stakeholders in getting familiar with the project and its results, additionally an online session has been organised on the 29th of September.

Stakeholders involved in the multiplier and dissemination events included not only educators and business organisations, but attracted also representatives of the social innovation sector. The feedback received was incredibly positive and further ideas for the future use of platform and possible further developmentĀ  directions have been explored. Among others, the possibility to apply the platform in the context of social innovation and social entrepreneurship has been suggested and discussed.

For more information about the project and the platform contact: or check directly the online platform at

The training contents are available in English, Portuguese, Greek, Polish, Romanian and Lithuanian.

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