META SKILLS project a new initiative to support adults abilities to face learning challanges in digital era

Adult education is of great importance to the development of skills that ultimately allow people to integrate and participate socially. This is especially important for those who do not feel prepared to face digital constraints imposed by events like the Covid-19 pandemic and digital revolution.

The Met-AE project focuses on delivering a support system to help adult learners improve their knowledge of planning, monitoring and reflectively evaluating their own learning performance and high-level metacognitive, to overcome possible exclusion barriers related with digital transformation. As metacognitive knowledge impacts the efficiency of education, the project aims to influence learners’ success/retention path, having in mind modern digital challenges.

The project will deliver a set of five outcomes:

  • a handbook for best practice guidance,
  • a competence framework,
  • e-course for learners,
  • e-course for staff supporting digital learners,
  • resources toolkit for support in digital transition.

With these project results, the partnership intends to develop a complete and transversal system that provides and equips not only adult learners, but also their educators and institutions staff with the necessary tools to establish a metacognitive skills set to enhance digital learning of disadvantaged adults.

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