Entrepreneurship is the Key to Success - EKS project

Entrepreneurship is a complex competence requiring mixture of different skills covering analytical and collaboration skills, planning, problem solving, leadership, creative thinking and more.

EKS project aims at developing critical entrepreneurship oriented skills among young adults (especialy NEETs age 20-30), with special focus on developing skills needed for the future entrepreneurs that will be inevitable for tomorrow’s jobs but are commonly overlooked nowadays within professional education and job market (complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management and coordination with others).

Taking into account the project target group, virtual game that allows in innovative and engaging way develop entrepreneurial competencies will result from the project.

EKS partnership proposes use of an online game that can reproduce virtual, plausible situations in which the players can use and improve their skills to ensure that the user can develop his/her competencies without feeling pressured or judged, but feel free to act and put into practice his/her own abilities. The game scenarios will result from a research phase conducted by experts in fields of psychology, counselling, vocational guidance, coaching, and more.
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The project is financed under the Erasmus+ Programme. Project number –  2018-1-RO01-KA204-049514

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